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Malaysia's Leading Regenerative Medicine Company. Hygieia Therapeutics is a leading development and manufacturing partner to the cell therapy industry. We work with our clients to overcome the fundamental challenges of cell therapy manufacturing by providing a wide range of innovative services including product and process development, GMP manufacturing, engineering and automation, cell and tissue processing, logistics, storage and distribution, as well as expert consulting and regulatory support.  

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Mesenchymal stem cells or marrow stromal cells (MSCs) represent a multipotent adult cellular population with immunomodulatory functions. In the adult human body, they are present in various niches, the main source is the bone marrow. The regeneration capability of MSCs, their ease to undergo gene modification, and their immunosuppressive capacity render them as popular candidates for tissue engineering, gene therapy and immunotherapy


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Hygieia is developing a range of products derived from the Company’s proprietary Mesenchymal Cell Lineage technology platforms. Hygieia’s product development focus is in four major and distinct areas:

1) Metobolic diseases
2) Neurological diseases
3) orthopedic indication
4) Immunotherapy

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